My name is Chris Mason. I've been lucky enough to live a life filled with many different kinds of experiences and lots of opportunities. After many years as an advocate for LGBTQ rights, both as an electoral organizer and as the founder and director of the nonprofit, Progressive Approach Inc, I have decided to pursue another passion of mine: the science of medicine. I am working toward what I hope will be a successful and fulfilling career in medicine. For fun, I love learning, aviation, poetry, astronomy, road-trips, hiking, off-roading, camping, the Red Sox, classic cars, and working on motorcycles. I'm especially interested in medicine, mental and behavioral health, nutrition, LGBTQ equality, fighting poverty, and ensuring access to healthcare for all. My goal since my early teens has been to live life to the fullest, help others along the way, and to leave this place better than I found it. Check out the About Chris page to learn more about me.